1 month after Sogakope South Assemblyman”s murder

Today, 1st April 2020, is exactly 1 month since the Sogakope South Assemblyman Hon. Marcus Mawutor Adzahli was murdered in his residence in Sogakope. For what it’s worth, his death has taught us that we can achieve anything in Sogakope if we work together as a people.

Mawutor was in his residence when a group of gunmen stormed his house on Sunday, 1st March 2020, only to waste his precious life.

As to why one of the best Mobile Money Agents in the Volta Region was killed in such a horrifying manner is left for the police and investigators to find.

To many, Mawutor’s death on 1st March 2020 was underserving no matter his wrong.

Many testify of him as a kind man, an enterprising young man, and a supportive friend. His death on that fateful day has widowed his wife and left his two daughters fatherless.

In addition to that, his family, friends and loved ones have now lost a great person in their lives. Mawutor’s last visit before his death reminds us of how much he cherished friendships and how reliable he can be. We will miss one of the great pillars of Sogakope. 


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