10 interesting things about the late Hon. Marcus Mawutor Adzhali

As the search for Mawutor’s perpetrators continues, I’ve been doing some digging into his life.

Marcus Mawutor Adzhali was murdered in his residence in Sogakope on 1st March 2020 by a group of gunmen.

His death has led to a series of events in the Sogakope township, notably, a demonstration and a candlelight vigil. 

Here are 10 interesting things you need to know about the late Assemblyman. 

  1. He gives

As to whether this is due to his political ambition is arguable. Marcus Mawutor Adzahli is a giver; he believes in the will to give and has a supporting philosophy about giving. 

2. He loves to exercise 

One of the things I’ve come to realize about the late Sogakope South Assemblyman is that he loves to visit the gym. He loves to work out, perhaps because of his recent weight gain. 

3. He believes in friendships 

He has a circle of friends he normally moves with. They are people he refers to as brothers and/or sisters. His friends are mostly people who support him in whatever he hopes to achieve.

4. He never misses a celebration 

Whether it’s his or someone close to him, the late Mawutor never misses a birthday celebration. He also likes to celebrate a successful business year with his workers. 

5. He is married 

Mawutor is married with two beautiful daughters. 

Business and Awards

6. He owns Mac Greenline Ventures 

7. He was the best A2A agent in Volta Region, 2014 (Tigo cash). He won this award twice

8. He received a certificate of appreciation from Mtn Mobile Money in 2014

9. He was awarded the best Vodafone cash agent in Volta Region, 2016. 

10. He won the second-best Vodafone Cash agent in Volta Region, 2019


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