3 Things You Should Learn From Medikal’s New Song, I’m Not Blank I’m Black

I thought Medikal’s new song was worth reviewing, so I took time to listen to it a number of times. He calls this one ‘I’m not blank I’m black.’ There were three major topics addressed by the rapper on the song. Let’s look at them just briefly while you make time to listen to the song here.

The treatment blacks get 

In the song, medikal talks about the ill-treatment he gets for being black. “They never treat a n***a fair,” he said bluntly, adding that he’s sick and tired of being treated like a criminal. The treatment Medikal gets for being black makes him want to doubt his own nature and possession. (Listen to what he said at the beginning of the song).

The prejudgment for being black 

Medikal shared with us the prejudgment we get for being black. He raps, “when they see a black man in a black Van they want to shoot.” After this, he recounted an experience involving him and his three friends which only show how blacks have become targets of disgrace.

What is being black?

Finally, Medikal tells us what being black is. It wasn’t enough for him to talk about the ill-treatment and prejudgment blacks get without defining his term. He says black is beautiful, freedom, sympathy, BET and being what you want to be. 



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