3 weeks after Mawutor’s death

News of his death broke out on the first Sunday of March 2020 and since then the duty to catch his killers has been handed to the police, those who couldn’t save his life at first.

They’ve been tasked with what looked like the impossible, to apprehend Mawutor’s killers and bring them to book. So far, many arrests have been alleged as suspects.

For more than three weeks, the assemblyman for Sogakope South has not yet had his justice. Meanwhile, that was (and still is) the cry of the people even after a candlelight vigil 6 days in the wake of his death.

On that day, hundreds, if not thousands, sang dirges for the young enterprising businessman who left his wife and two children behind.

More than anything, his death has revived the people of Sogakope and united them in ways never thought possible. But some authorities would like to blame Maxwell Lukutor, an opinion leader, for starting it all.

Everything happened so fast, hence the time to think about the gruesomeness of Mawutor’s death was channeled elsewhere.

The Sogakope road was blocked and a demonstration began for a quick removal of the police force at Sogakope. As if that was not enough, others demanded the resignation of the South Tongu District Chief Executive, Hon. Emmanuel Luis Agamah.

This was what led the authorities to believe Maxwell Lukutor’s hand in the demonstration.

The whole town became rowdy. They had to bring in a SWAT team to handle the situation. It took time for peace to rain back in Sogakope.

The people’s reaction, whatever be their motivation, may have obstructed their earlier call for justice. Their rage if managed would have helped the case.

To add salt to injury, Hon. Emmanuel Luis Agamah thought it was worth the time to listen to his defense against those calling for his resignation. His press statement on 13th March 2020 reminded us of how much he cared about his position and how little he cared about the people of Sogakope.

No wonder many left the Sogakope Assembly Hall feeling disappointed.

Our leaders have let us down and they think they can prove otherwise in times of crisis. In Mawutor’s case, we saw how these leaders grew tired and literally gave the town to its rightful owners, the people. 


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