30+ outstanding quotes by Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi in 2019

Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi
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  1. Anytime I watch the Passion of Christ, I cry. They crushed Him so that you can be made a child of God. 
  2. Nobody is born a Christian 
  3. Every good Christian should remember two birthdays: the day you were born and the day you received Christ. 
  4. Anytime you’re thinking of doing something, don’t just think of today. Life is not limited to the present. 
  5. Many people have suffered the miscarriage of their destinies because they followed their feelings. 
  6. If you’re not able to control your feelings, you may throw away your destiny. 
  7. Check your pursuit of temporal things
  8. Impatience is a madness that can defeat you in the face of imminent victory 
  9. The company you keep as a Christian will determine what will accompany you. 
  10. You can’t fulfill your destiny until you understand that you have some potential 
  11. When you sit on your potential, you’re sitting on your destiny. 
  12. Be convinced that you carry something that the world needs 
  13. You cannot fulfill your destiny if you’re not determined 
  14. Don’t let disappointments cause you to turn away from the path of destiny 
  15. There’s something you can do better than everyone 
  16. The revelation you get from the word of God becomes a changing force in your life 
  17. You are who you are because of what God has placed in you 
  18. If your gift is attracting beggars then you are having problems 
  19. The church is not only a living being, it’s also an organization
  20. If you don’t set a place or time to meet God, your passion for God will begin to grow cold
  21. The purpose of self-control is that you may be fit for God, yourself and others 
  22. If God can control your mind, He can control your life 
  23. The quest for godly thoughts means that certain thoughts are not allowed to incubate in your mind
  24. There are certain thoughts that come to your mind that you must not entertain 
  25. An unguarded tongue can deposit hatred 
  26. Watch what you say to others and how you say it 
  27. Don’t be unconcerned about what’s happening around you
  28. Have confidence in Christ
  29. Pentecost would be meaningless unless someone can swim in your river *
  30. Wherever there’s the brooding of the Holy Spirit, there’s life 
  31. You don’t need a husband to fill your emptiness; you need the Holy Spirit 
  32. Those who have been baptized still need the brooding of the Holy Spirit. 
  33. If life can come into the church, then we need the Holy Spirit brooding.
  34. The legalism of the Jews cannot contain the grace of Jesus
  35. An unyielded life is the door to destruction 
  36. God has more. What you need to do is trust him and be open for more. 
  37. Don’t put God in a box 


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