4 Songs You Probably Haven’t Heard From Sogakope This Month (September)

The month of September is gradually coming to an end and Soga Wedey is yet to write about a song. This is sad, as you can see from their social media post.


Selsy, a producer and artiste at Sogakope, however, shared four songs the media platform had missed the whole time. These songs feature Selsy himself and artistes probably from Sogakope.

If you’re just as surprised as Soga WeDey is, then you need to download/listen to these four songs. 

Addi Sabali x M Maker ft Selsy – Dat Ting 

DDK & Settlement – Holiday (Prod. By IzJoe Beatz & Selsy) 

Khalitus – My Woman 

Jh Stem ft Ant Senayah – Getty Getty No Want 


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