4 Ways To Rank Better For Your Own Name: SEO For Personal Branding

Google receives over 4.5 billion searches daily. The reality of the digital age is that people are searching every day for a thing or two every time. Today we discuss how to help you rank well when your name is searched for using a search engine such as Google. 

Search engine optimization simply means doing things that will positively affect your ranking in a search engine In the age of the over-abundance of data, search (SEO) is not only critical but functionally strategic for brand growth. 

 Let’s face it, when your name is searched for online, you would not want to be found for the wrong things by a future employer, a business partner or an admission board. Search has proven to position brands better, increase traffic to websites and endorsed brands much better. In short, it’s better to be easily found online than not to be found at all. 

Here are few things to take note of: 

Optimize all your multimedia online by right labeling

One mistake most people make on social media is to upload images or profile photos without giving it a proper descriptive title. The importance of right labelling to our photos online far exceeds the haste to post it up. Always label your images with the right keywords you would want to be known for. Do not just upload images, videos, PDFs, podcasts without giving them a proper description as your name. You LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram display pictures should be properly labeled. 

Create (more) video content

Alphabet owns Google and YouTube. This makes perfect sense for them to make YouTube videos rank well when searched for. By creating YouTube video content, your name has a fair chance of ranking in the video search column than unrelated videos which may have nothing to do with you. Smartphones have made the process of video creation less cumbersome. You may not even need to be in the video if you are not really interested in being in the spotlight. Just create any video on what you would like to be known for. For example, Mike wants to be known as Africa’s top nutritionist professional and as such creating simple videos on nutrition tips for athletes, nursing mothers, patients etc. is good for his online branding. Do not forget to name the video file well enough with your name as possible keywords before uploading it to YouTube. You can as well share the video to other video content sites such as Vimeo.

Create links to your personal social media profile/blog 

Linking is an important aspect in search engine optimization. Linking your personal social media profile or blog to other credible or professional websites increases your chances of ranking well when being searched for. Linking simply means sharing your profile URL link on another website. If the organization you work for has a professional website, talk to the Web Admin to add your personal social media profile link on the website. You could otherwise join professional bodies and submit your social media profiles to be included on their websites. Simple ways always ensure your social media profile link is on websites so it can lend credence to your personal brand. 

Write a blog post

Active blogging can increase your personal brands ranking chances online. The title of your blog and some key lines in the body are essential in ranking your name when it is being searched for. This does not mean everyone should become a blogger. The idea behind creating at least a blog post is to own your own narrative when your brand is being searched for. You can create a blog without using many words and images/videos only about something in your professional domain. 

Conclusively, search engine optimization is a constant process and requires ongoing effort. It is not an end in itself. Make it an effort to practice all the steps above and position your brand name very well online. 

Source: LinkedIn/Cherubim Mawuli Amenyedor


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