40 quotes by Pastor Issac Opoku (2020-2021)

Pastor Issac Opoku and the wife
Pastor Issac Opoku and the wife

Before Pastor Issac Opoku and his wife were officially introduced to the Redemption Valley, Pastor Issac had preached several times in the church sharing the word of God. I have gathered 40 quotes from his messages from last year till now.

Here are 40 quotes by Pastor Issac Opoku from August 2020 to May 2021

August 2020

  1. As long as you are in God’s hands, his plans for your life will come to pass
  2. God has so much concern for our lives
  3. God moulds us with certain circumstances
  4. Trials mature our faith
  5. God is making you a better person through your trials

October 2020

  1. God chooses who to shepherd your life

November 2020

  1. The blood of Jesus speaks restoration  

December 2020

  1. Prayer is the driving force for the move of God

Jan 2021

  1. There are some things that must give way for God’s dwelling
  2. Revival is turning back to godliness
  3. The moment we call for revival, there is the need to let go of sinful life
  4. If you are not willing to seek God, there cannot be a revival in your life

Feb 2021

  1. Faith corrects our senses and reason

March 2021

  1. God wants us to gather together so that the devil will not isolate us
  2. The Christian walk is a day and night affair

April 2021

  1. The sacrifice of Jesus is enough to bring us to God
  2. Unlike the blood of Abel, the blood of Jesus brought us perpetual freedom
  3. Have the assurance that God is your ever-present help
  4. God wants you to speak to your problems
  5. When we substitute other things for the worship of God, we disobey God
  6. Anything that makes you disobey God is an idol
  7. Anytime you substitute something for God, you are allowing the devil to break your defences
  8. The devil is against you giving your time, resources, to God
  9. When there is no proper sacrifice in the church, the church becomes desolate
  10. If you are in the church and you don’t sacrifice to God then you want the church to be empty
  11. Whenever there are no sacrificial people in a church, it becomes empty
  12. God does not want us to give an ear to carnally minded people
  13. To fulfil the will of God, you have to make sacrifices
  14. Whatever you do, do it because of the perfect sacrifice of Christ
  15. Many times we forget to give God a sacrifice of praise because we feel we have an effort into what we’ve received
  16. If you can’t entrust your finances to God then your worship is unnecessary
  17. Gifts that do not come from a willing heart does not attract blessings from God
  18. Romantic giving is not love

May 2021

  1. When God give you material blessings, look for someone who is less privileged to share them with
  2. As you grow in the glory of God, you will begin to exhibit his likeness
  3. If you want to bring reformation into your life, then learn to control yourself
  4. Whenever there is ineffectiveness, there is bareness
  5. The greatest need of our time is to rediscover the power of the Holy Spirit
  6. The church will match on when believers are not looking for status and prestige but the advancement of the kingdom of God
  7. If Peter can be transformed to speak to bring 3,000 people to Christ, you too can do same



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