A concerned fan is calling out Lydia Forson for her ‘Sexy Pictures’ on Social media

Lydia Forson drops ‘sexy’ pictures on her birthday and I’m concerned
Image via Twitter

It seems birthdays are becoming days for doing a ‘little extra.’ This is something I wouldn’t have expected from Lydia Forson

Well, she said she’s doing everything people thought she couldn’t do. But she said that in relation to stepping on the runway. 

The Ghanaian actress on her birthday posted pictures of herself on social media, tagging them as ‘sexy 5 years old.’ 

If you’ve followed the actress enough, at least for a year, you’ll notice a thing or two about her: 

  1. she stands for and defends the truth
  2. She doesn’t post naked pictures of herself. 

All this changed on her birthday, at least for number two. This bothered me, simply because of what she supposedly stands for. 

Does the truth she stands for really permit this kind of ‘sexy pictures?’ Well, …


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