A grieving man writes about the last chapter of 2 Kings

Image search for grieve via Unplash
Image search for grieve via Unplash

The book of 2 Kings ends on a very sad note, at least from the time we were told that the Nebuzaradan commander set fire to the temple of the Lord (See 2 Kings 25:8-9).

I grieved seeing God’s temple destroyed. God said he will remove the Israelites from his presence and he did!

When you read the entire book of 2 Kings, you will realize that there is no consistency among the kings. One cannot be sure whether a particular king will obey God or not; it’s either they did or they didn’t. I found that those who disobeyed Him were more than those who obeyed Him. Thus, the worship of other gods became more dominant in Israel than the worship of the Most High.

Suddenly, those who obeyed Him went through the trouble of destroying the altars built by those who didn’t.

God wanted his name established in Israel and this can only be achieved if these people obeyed him. But because they were disobedient, He had to remove them from his presence.

God watched as his temple was destroyed and his treasures plundered and didn’t do anything about it! I grieved, not because He couldn’t do anything about the situation but because of the impact of sin.

Sin will eventually destroy; it will give the devil room to steal what God has given us. It destroyed a temple built by Solomon and plundered everything that was used to build it and will if care is not taken, destroy everything you have built for God or are building for Him.


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