Accredited Online CPD Training For All Health Professionals In Ghana

Online training programs including courses on COVID-19 have been developed, and made available for all Registered Health Professionals in Ghana.

The courses are either entirely free or are highly subsidized with funding from various organizations, institutions and companies. Participants will be given a Free instant and verifiable certificate and earn CPD points already determined by their Council. The CPD points will be automatically submitted to their Councils on their behalf after taking the course. These online courses arehosted by Continuous Education Services (CES), Ghana’s leading provider of online CPD’s.

CPD is an abbreviation for Continuing Professional Development (more commonly used) or Continuous Professional Development (used to a lesser extent). This refers to the general description given to all the things a professional does during and throughout their career to ensure he/she remains relevant and invaluable to the public or the people being served and remains up to date with current developments in his/her area of practice.

In certain professional circles, it’s simply known as Professional Development or sometimes; just Continuing Education (CE). In the health and medical circles in particular, it’s commonly referred to as Continuing Medical Education (CME). 

It is common to find groups of health professionals gather at one physical location in their effort to acquire understanding that bridges certain specific knowledge and/or skills gaps. This has always been riddled with several short comings including Participants not having access to CPD courses that are relevant to them, CPD’s not being available at convenient times for them to participate in, tiresome, and frustrating travel times, unnecessarily long face-to-face CPD sessions/events, certificates not given on the spot, unreasonably high cost of CPD programs/events/courses, participants who live abroad or out of the geographic area of CPD events being disadvantaged, and many other related challenges continue to hinder easy access to CPD training.

Furthermore, COVID-19 restrictions have made it more challenging and impractical for people to congregate at one location for extended periods. For these and many other reasons which are obvious to anyone who has ever patronized a face-to-face CPD event, CES began providing these courses onlinethrough various partnerships and collaborations from 2018. The work of CES has become even more relevant in this pandemic period.

CES has been able to help thousands of health professional to access lots of such courses conveniently. Some of such premium courses are always available on their platform. These are all accredited by the Medical and Dental Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council, Pharmacy Council, Allied Health Professions Council, and/or Psychology Council.

To participate in any of these courses, health professionals can visit this link (CLICK HERE) to review the course(s), and enroll on the CES online learning platform. All health professionals are encouraged to participate in these short training programs in order to increase their knowledge of COVID-19 and other related health issues confronting their patients and practice. It is hoped that, this will equip them to better fight against COVID-19, sharpen their skills to better serve their patients/clients, to meet current best practices, and also help them acquire mandatory annual CPD Points.

Ghana continues to make headway on COVID-19, with over 40,000 recoveries and 231 deaths out of 42,063 confirmed casesas of the time of publication of this article. Relevant and timely online courses like these are tailored for Ghana’s local health challenges and presented by Ghanaian experts who are leaders in their respective disciplines, for the sole benefit of the Ghanaian health professional covering areas from Medico-Legal Ethics, Health Sector Related Laws, Various Clinical Disciplines, Soft Skills, Healthcare Marketing, Management, etc.


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