Album Review: How Davido should have titled his new album

    A Good Time cover art by Davido
    Image via Instagram

    Because of how lengthy some albums can be, I sometimes choose to review the popular songs on iTunes for my website.

    After listening to Davido’s album, I strongly think that it could have been titled differently, looking at each song on the album. The Nigerian singer gave a summary of the album on Instagram hours before it was released. 

    According to him, the album reflects on the ability to trust the timing of your life, enjoying the best moments and persevering through the worst ones. However, what we get on the album is far from his summary of it.

    Money, women, designers, and love were the major themes explored on the album. The intro had a message or two which agrees with the album description he posted on Instagram, but it was discontinued on track 2, 1 Milli. 

    The ‘Good Time’ Davido talks about on his album is far from the 7-year experience he mentioned after his debut album, Genesis. A better title could have been ‘Assurance.’ 

    In the song entitled ‘Assurance, we see all the things he’s been singing about come together on one song. His fiancé knows better that if you’re dating Davido, money and designers aren’t a problem. 

    Have you listened to the album yet? 


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