Anti-crime campaign launched in Sogakope

Rex Krampa launches anti-crime campaign in Sogakope

An anti-crime campaign in Sogakope was launched Wednesday, 27th May 2020.

The campaign is an effort to rally the people of South Tongu to put a stop to the numerous crimes in the district, particularly its capital Sogakope.

In a statement seen on Soga WeDey, Rex Krampa expressed the fears and worries that many in the district share as a result of its high crime rates.

See statement below:

Five suspects in the murder of Hon. Marcus Mawutor Adzhali, Assembly Member for Sogakope South Electoral Area, may have been arrested, but our future in Sogakope is uncertain.

The crime rate in Sogakope is very high, even when we thought the tension surrounding the Hon. Assemblyman’s murder would end it. We still record a number of crimes even after his death. The latest in my book is a burglary on Sunday, 17th May 2020.

Kelly’s Provision and Spot in Sogakope almost lost some items in their shop if not for the intervention of neighbors and the quick response by the police. They say, investigations are still ongoing. But as for us living in Sogakope, we don’t know when someone will rob us, kill or hurt us.

We are scared. We have reduced night strolling and partying deep into the night all because of what’s happening in Sogakope.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area, Hon. Emmanuel Luis Agamah in a press release on 13th March 2020, during the time of Mawutor’s murder, listed crimes dating back in 1995.

This means that crimes in South Tongu, not just Sogakope, have been around for a long time. So today, with your help, I’m launching a campaign against crimes in Sogakope.

Help me by using these hashtags #EndSogaRobberiesNow #SogaKillingMustStop #SogaBurglaryMustStop #StopSogaCrimes [You can add yours, but these are the few ones I came up with].

Please, share your stories with me, which will be posted on Soga WeDey. Join me end crimes in Sogakope. Use the hashtag, if you can. Our voices must be heard!


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