Ball J Beat fires 20 shots at Sarkodie on ‘Lullaby’

  1. This is my playground you really want to play with me, nigga 
  2. I’m the ball your bitch want to play with, nigga
  3. Keep bragging, they’re used to that  
  4. Keep lying, you’re good at that
  5. … It’s a secret on your team … that you be wack
  6. Fake lord 
  7. You couldn’t even carry the cross, I’m your god, bitch 
  8. I don’t sip with a person that stands for nothing 
  9. You can’t give nobody shine, you aren’t bright enough 
  10. With the fake fans at your back, you dey lose direction
  11. Now your real fans wey dey feel me, now you dey do eye red things 
  12. You have to go hard bitch, you dey lose erection 
  13. Stop pretending, these are the lessons you learn from a father, it’s blessings 
  14. Exodus 20:12, where’s your honor son? 
  15. Nobody has to die before you wear the crown
  16. One way diss, only two punches 
  17. You be the baddest, that be your mindset 
  18. You are a subset 
  19. You’re a tool in my math set, but you’re not a ruler 
  20. You only get high on your weed 

Listen to the song below:


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