Battor Catholic Hospital can now test for COVID-19

The cervical cancer screening machine bought by the member of parliament for North Tongu District, Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa, for the Catholic Hospital, Battor for Human papillomavirus (HPV) testing/cervical testing now has USA FDA Emergency Use Authorisation for Covid 19.

Head of the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training center at the hospital, Dr. Kofi Effah said he has been pushing for decentralised testing for Covid 19 in Ghana for many weeks. 

“It is possible to run the test in Battor, if we order for the reagents”, he added. 

The machine which costs USD 16,000 can be placed in all regional hospital laboratories for decentralised Covid 19 testing. 

Speaking on its importance, Dr. Effah said, “it will go a long way in the fight against Covid 19 in Ghana and other low middle income countries.”

“The test is much cheaper than other tests and also has a higher throughout. Up to 90 tests can be run in 2 hours”, he added. 

“When the Covid 19 pandemic is over, the machines can be used for HPV/cervical cancer screening, testing for Hepatitis B, C HIV etc across the country”, he also said. 


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