Black Sherif drops ’45’ music video after release party

Black Sherif '45' YouTube thumbnail
Black Sherif '45' YouTube thumbnail
  • Black Sherif has finally released the music video for ’45’.
  • The music video was released less than 24 hours after hosting a release party and video premiere at Echo House in East Legon, Accra.
  • During the release party, Black Sherif detailed how the video was made and his relationship with TG Omori.
  • In the music video, we see Black Sherif rob a bank and framed by his friend during a police invasion.
  • We also see him escape police custody.

The Mc for Black Sherif’s release party said it best – the music video has so many themes. There is a bank robbery, a police raid, suicide, an escape from police custody, a frustrated Black Sherif, a lying friend, a worried mother and so on.

In all, Black Sherif came out alive!

According to Black Sherif, the music video was shot in August this year. He says he’s been talking to the director about working on ‘something’ for over a year now. That’s what we finally see today.

’45’ is track number 3 on Black Sherif’s debut album ‘The Villian I Never Was’. The song is currently sitting on the second spot on Ghana’s top 100 songs on Apple Music.



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