Book Review: The Mystery And The Reality Of Rapture

Book Review: The Mystery And The Of Rapture
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I just finished reading The Mystery and The Reality Of Rapture, a book written by Baeta Mawuli Asafoh. Baeta is a vibrant instrumentalist who plays for many churches including Assemblies of God, Redemption Valley, Sogakope. At his book launch, he recounts all the stories leading to the success of the book, one of which was the fact that the devil tried to stand against the writing process. I couldn’t help but write a few things I took note of while reading the book. 

At the book launch, Baeta Asafo talked about many things including the problems he faced while submitting the manuscript for typing.

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1. The Powerful statements in the book

I must give it to him; the book contains a lot of powerful statements. When you look into the copy I had, you’ll notice I underlined many statements he made in the book (I’d be quoting them on Facebook soon). He has given me a lot to think about. Nearly every page of the book gives you something to think about.

2. The way he draws meaning from world events  

This is also another thing he did brilliantly. He referenced many past world events, and how they’re linked to prophecies in the Bible. Stories from CNN, ABC NEWS, and others made much sense the way he linked them to the bible. This was something he drew our attention to at the book launch, and when you read the book you’ll see what he was trying to say. 

3. His use of italics 

Personally, I think the use of italics to write the Bible verses was a good choice. Such a font style is simply inescapable. 

I also think the book is flawed in many other areas, like:

1. Subheading 

I noticed the author put very little effort into the readability of the book. I want to believe he just wanted the book published, and didn’t pay attention to his readers. The first two chapters were packed, and a few more subheadings would have made the reader feel ‘accomplished’ by coming across them. 

2. Better expression 

The book is bad at wording. There could have been a better way of turning some sentences. 

3. Grammatical errors 

There are so many of them. It makes reading very boring. The author could have taken note of them or done some grammar check before printing the book. 

4. Binding 

I don’t know how many will encounter this problem but some pages of my book have removed. Page 65 to 108 are all out. It doesn’t look good at all. 

Lastly, there was a philosophical problem in the book which I think is worth addressing. It’s between these words: real, temporal and permanent. If this world and everything in it is not real, as the author suggests, then his book is also not real. How would he feel about that? I think he was trying to say this world and everything in it is temporal, looking at how he describes the world to come. 

Considering all the things I’ve observed about this book, I think whenever God burdens us with something, we need the necessary skill to bring it out well. God doesn’t always give the needed skill to perfect his work; sometimes, he expects us to learn those skills. 


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