Burglars raid Kelly’s Provision & Spot in Sogakope

Kelly’s Provision and Spot
Kelly’s Provision and Spot

Burglars on Sunday, 17th May 2020, broke into Kelly’s Provision and Spot in Sogakope at around 12 am. 

Speaking to ghwedey.com and Soga WeDey Madam Shine, manager of the shop, detailed the incident. 

Shine and the mother were alerted to the dawn-time burglary when someone living nearby raised the alarm after their dog started barking madly.

“We were home on Sunday around 12:12 am when an okada rider rode to our compound. And I heard the rider calling my mother. When she responded, the okada rider informed me about the burglary. My mom then called out to me. I told my mom to check on the shop while I go to the police station to make a report.”

“Before reaching the police station I called one officer from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) who made me aware that he’s been transferred from Sogakope, but he will call the police patrol team at Sogakope to intervene.”

“I got to the police station and reported the issue. I left there to get the keys to the shop and hurried to the scene.”

“On reaching the scene, the police were already gathered there with some onlookers. When we went to the back of the container, we saw that it was cut by the burglars and my showcase fridge was moved.”

“My brother urged us to cover the hole created at the back of the container, so he entered an uncompleted building in the area to find plywood, only to meet the stolen items from the shop. We saw a pair of slippers believed to be for one of the burglars and some bottles scattered on the floor of the building.” 

Shine told us that she went back to the police station to make a statement and the police assured her that they will investigate into the matter. 

Moving forward, she said ‘they’re working on getting a security man at the place’. Below are pictures from the scene shared with us:


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