Celebrating Vybrant For His Outstanding Contribution Towards Sogakope Music

It’s been on the mind of Soga wedey to honor this young photographer, event planner, philanthropist and creative designer for his amazing contribution towards Sogakope music.

Vybrant is fully or partly involved in every activity that has to do with promoting the good image of Sogakope, either in business or in entertainment. His selfless acts place him at the heart of Sogakope and in the minds of those he has come in contact with.

There’s no expression of praise that can match his input or satisfy his toil for this town. Hence, Soga Wedey is not about to do that. What we want to however do is appreciate him for all he has done and continue to do to shape the entertainment and business aspects of Sogakope. He deserves to be celebrated in the season in which we are in. May God continue to strengthen him and give him the wisdom to carry out what He has called him to do.


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