#ChaleWeDey: The Logical Problem With C-Real’s New Song Featuring Wanlov

C-Real and Wanlov just dropped a new song titled Chale We Dey and listening to the song, I noticed a few things: 

1. Are we really afraid of speaking the truth?

C-Real suggested in the song that we are afraid of speaking the truth. He raps in pidgin, ‘we dey fear talk true …’ The question then is, is that true? Are we really afraid of speaking the truth? We don’t need to quote from a book to get that answer; it’s right in the song! If C-Real and Wanlov think we are afraid of speaking the truth, they wouldn’t be speaking it in the song themselves! It’s self-defeating to set a standard for everyone and you can’t meet it yourself. C-Real and Wanlov were not afraid of telling us the truth, yet want to tell us we are afraid of it! 

2. ‘Ghana we dey’

Now, C-Real also suggested that our fear of speaking the truth is the result of the place we find ourselves. This was what he meant when he said, ‘we dey fear talk true cause Ghana we dey.’ It’s almost as if fearlessly speaking the truth is a product of the place you find yourself. But that can’t be true either, because of these two simple reasons: 

  1. They (C-Real and Wanlov) have fearlessly told us the truth that we are afraid of speaking the truth in a place they claim truth cannot be fearlessly spoken. 
  2. There are many people who fearlessly speak the truth in Ghana. Even this article was fearlessly written to C-Real and Wanlov to tell them the truth!

3. What then are we afraid of?

I’ve seen from the song that what we are really afraid of is backing our knowledge of truth with action. This is the only thing C-Real and Wanlov scored correctly in the song. They are, as each one of us is, afraid of taking steps out of their knowledge of the truth. And this has affected many of us for a long time. We know the truth but we aren’t taking any steps from it. We are like C-Real and Wanlov who say, ‘Chale we dey.’ 


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