“Consider payment of 2018 batch of teachers” – teacher begs president

Your Excellency, kindly permit me to reach you through this medium.

It has come to our attention that, you are likely to hold a cabinet meeting from 2 pm today (16th April 2020) to decide on how long the lockdown should be extended among other issues regarding the dreaded Coronavirus in Ghana. 

Your Excellency, the President of Ghana, l, on behalf of all newly recruited teachers (2018 batch) humbly appeal to your admirable office, to consider the suffering teachers who have not been paid salaries since December 2019, under your government in your discussions.

Mr. President, we admit the fact that the world is at war with an “invisible enemy” thus Coronavirus and everyone’s aim is to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 to the larger extend, eradicate it totally among us. That notwithstanding, the needed support must be extended to all in order to help win the fight against the COVID-19 thereby adhering strictly to your directives. 

Seriously Mr. President, newly recruited teachers are crying, we are in pains, we are distressed and frustrated in this Coronavirus era. 

Your Excellency, while we focus attention on the frontline health workers, the head porters (Kayayies), the poor and vulnerable, patients of COVID-19, etc. I wish to draw your attention to the fact that, the unpaid teachers (2018 batch) in the formal sector, in this sensitive moment, where the slogan is #StayHome, are suffering more than the “Kayayie”, the poor or the vulnerable. 

We know you are aware of the sufferings and frustrations this batch of teachers were confronted with from 2017 to date. 

Mr. President, if proper decision is not made on our unpaid salaries, your efforts to employ us will be in vain and we shall not rejoice on the opportunity to have been employed under your government. Policies implemented on us, after 25th July 2018 under your government have created more pains in us than ever. You are aware Mr. President. 

Mr. President, at this moment we appeal to you to use your executive powers to order CAGD for payment of our salaries. This is the time to show one more kindness to us. Show us another love and care. Our hearts bleed Mr. President. 

I wish you and your cabinet members well!

Thank you. 







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