COVID-19 Fight: BDA supports Bakpa communities with hand sanitizers

The Executive Committee of the Bakpa Development Association led by Samuel Saga Avusu has distributed four (4) cartons – 200 pieces of Hand Sanitizers to citizens across several Bakpa communities in the Tongu area of the Volta Region.

Hand sanitisers were shared among the communities based on the size of the communities.

BDA Executives relied on Assembly Members of Bakpa Communities, Bakpa Chiefs, Headmen, and opinion leaders in getting the sanitisers to their people. 

Hon. Hadzor coordinated the distribution of the items across the New Bakpa Electoral Area and collaborated with Hon Kumashie of the Bakpa Awadiwokome Electoral area. 

Hon. Jonathan Ocloo led BDA’s efforts at the Bakpa-Avedo Electoral area, in collaboration with Hon Christian Adzoko who did the same for Bakpa-Gafatsikope/Agortakpo Electoral area.

Also, Hon. Charles Akorli, the Assembly Member for Old-Bakpa coordinated the distribution of sanitizers across Bakpa communities spanning Tademe, Kebenu, Kebegodo, Forkpo, Abuvienu, Volokome, and Alabonu. 

BDA Executives delivered the sanitizers themselves at Bakpa Havenu, New Harvenu, Bakpa Dzavey, Bakpa Tosukope/Adzakpakope, Bakpa Kpokorpe, and Anyorme.

The consignments for Bakpa Amesianyakope and Bakpa Norvisi were sent to Bether Eleblu at Juapong for onward delivery.   

The Bakpa Development Association remains committed to serving the state and in collaboration with others for the collective betterment of the Bakpa people


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