COVID-19 Fight: “Let us encourage one another” – Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi

Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi in his fourth address to the church urged members of the Assemblies of God Ghana, Redemption Valley, to encourage each other.

Stressing on his point, the Volta Regional Superintendent said, “encourage the faith of another person; encourage people so that they will not throw away their hope in Christ. Pray with one another and pray for one another so that people’s faith will be encouraged and their hope in Christ will be sustained. Be a son of encouragement.”

He spoke on two ways to encourage members in their hope in Christ. 

  1. Call somebody… and see how they’re fairing
  2. Give somebody support just like the Apostles did in Acts 4:34-37

About his second point, the man of God said, “if you cannot support someone by yourself, bring what you have to the leaders of the church so that we will also be able to distribute it to help another.

Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi quoted Acts 4:34-37, Hebrews 13:16, and Romans 12:13 for his entire message. Watch the video below:

Since the president’s ban on public gathering, the man of God has been using short videos to communicate with members. All his messages can be found on AG Updates.


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