COVID-19: Market women settle around closed Sogakope market

Authorities in Sogakope are driving market women to the JSS B park, a few walks away from the market since most of them are unaware of the DCE’s announcement.

Yesterday, 12th April 2020, the South Tongu District Chief Executive, Hon. Emmanuel Luis Agamah announced that the Sogakope and Dabala markets will be closed for the two weeks beginning today, 13th April 2020.

The current situation at the market can be seen on Soga WeDey.

Speaking on Freedom 88.1 Fm this morning, the honorable DCE said only foodstuff sellers are allowed for today, adding that no trader would be allowed in or around the market on subsequent market days.

Currently, a group of policemen are making sure things go as planned. Also, some market women have settled in front of the closed market and around the main lorry station.



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