COVID-19: MP for South Tongu provides potable water to over 40 communities

Member of Parliament (MP) for the South Tongu District, Hon. Wisdom Kobla Mensah Woyome has for the past three (3) weeks been supplying potable water to some fifteen thousand (15,000) residents in more than forty (40) communities in his constituency.

According to the MP, the move is part of his personal contribution to alleviating the suffering of his people, some of whom draw water from what he described as a pathetic source.

‘It is also to ensure that our people live in good hygienic conditions in this COVID-19 era, knowing very well the water problem they are already faced with’, Mr. Woyome added.

a picture at one of the beneficiary communities

Thousands of residents in a number of communities in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region continue to suffer from the absence of potable water particularly in this season of coronavirus.

The situation of these inhabitants has been worsened by the fact that apart from the age-old chronic systemic challenge at the Agordome Water Treatment Plant which affects the production of the right volumes of water for the people, the soil nature, structure, and characteristic in most parts of the district do not easily support the sinking of boreholes for the people. In most situations, water from such boreholes tends to be salty.

The MP serviced the broken down fire tender of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) and fuelled it for use in extending the water tanker services to the beneficiary communities which includes Gordorkope, Dorkploame, Kadeve, Awuyakope, Agorhome, Bakpo, Alavanyo, Akakpokope, Lakpo, Hikpo, and Agbakope.

Speaking to the news team at Yorkutikpo-Atsieve, Hon. Woyome gave the assurance that the water supply service would be extended to as many communities as possible that have requested for water. 

He renewed his call on the government to expedite action on the complete overhauling and expansion of the Agordome Water Treatment Plant and Pipe System to ensure a comprehensive distribution and extension of treated water supply to the Sogakope Township as well as its environs in addition to several of these remote communities including areas beyond Dabala Junction.

The Assembly Member (AM) for the Yorkutikpo-Atsieve Electoral Area, Hon. Emmanuel Xedzro was grateful to the MP for the laudable initiative, saying the gesture would go a long way to ease the water burden of his people.

For his part, the AM for the Dabala Junction Electoral Area, Hon. Thomas Avuwoada described the intervention by the MP as timely. According to him, Hon. Woyome must be commended for such a gesture which is his contribution to the welfare of his constituents.

Source: Akukorku Media Consult


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