Dark mode is finally available on Instagram – here’s how to do it

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    It’s becoming difficult to keep up with all the changes to your Instagram feed: the removal of likes, the removal of the Following tab, the addition of a brand new app.

    The latest design change to hit the photo-sharing app focuses on dark mode. Dark mode, a colour scheme that usually uses light-coloured text and icons on a dark background, is the hot new design when it comes to mobile.

    The new versions of the biggest mobile operating systems, Android 10 and iOS 13, both include dark mode for the first time, allowing you to cloak your phone screen in darkness. There’s a supposed number of benefits, such as preserving battery life and it can be better for your eyes because the high contrast between text and background reduces eye strain. 

    Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced that dark mode was coming to Instagram over on Twitter. Here’s how to turn on the new design function in the app.

    How to turn dark mode on Instagram 

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram on your iPhone or Android device. Visit the App Store and search Instagram to double-check.
    2. If you’re already using the Android 10 or iOS 13 dark mode throughout your device, then Instagram will open automatically in the new colour scheme. 
    3. For iOS 13: Go to Settings, then Display and Brightness. Select Dark. 
    4. For Android: Go to Settings, then Display and Advanced. Select Dark from the Device theme menu. 



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