Davi Klenam reveals how she appeared on ‘Butame’

Davi Klenam featuring Tinkla Butame
Davi Klenam

Davi Klenam revealed in an exclusive interview with Soga WeDey how she appeared on Tinkla’s latest song ‘Think’.

According to her, she was feeling bored the day Tinkla messaged her about putting her on the record.

“I was feeling bored the day he messaged me about putting me on a song. He didn’t know I could sing until I shared a Snap video on my WhatsApp status. He liked my voice and started talking about putting me on a song. Initially, I thought he was kidding, but I realized he wasn’t. He sent me the instrumental for the song and taught me how to go about the song. In no time, we started planning when to record the song. We fixed a date and here we are.”

Tinkla released ‘Think (Butame)’ featuring Davi Klenam on Sunday, 7th June 2020.


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