Dealing with altars, preparing for open door – message by Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi

Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi
Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi, Volta South Regional Superintendent and head pastor of Assemblies of God Ghana, Redemption Valley, Sogakope.

Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi has tagged the month of March as a month of open door.  

Knowing what lies ahead of us, he used three of the remaining five days in February 2021 (that is, 24th-26th February) to help us deal with altars.

A picture of Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi teaching on Wednesday evening, 24th February 2021

On day 1 (24th February 2021), he taught that altars, if not dealt with, 

  1. can ensnare us
  2. can prevent us from enjoying the good things on our land. 

See Deuteronomy 7:1-6, 25

On day 2 (25th February 2021), he looked at one of the prerequisites of revival. He said there can be no meaningful revival if we do not deal with ancient altars. He used King Josiah as an example. 

A picture of Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi teaching on Thursday evening, 25th February 2021.

Josiah in 2 Kings 23 destroyed altars built by his fathers. After destroying these altars, the Bible says Passover was celebrated better. 

The Bible also made us aware that before and after Josiah no king has turned to God like him, to which Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi asked, “after you’re gone, what will be your story?” 

Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi noted that Josiah saw these altars as a hindrance to the flow of God, they also suppressed the fear of God and hindered the progress of the nation.

See 2 Kings 23:3-6, 10-12, 15, 22, 25

On the last day (26th February 2021) of this fasting and prayer program, we learnt that altars can draw us away from God. Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi used Solomon as an example.

A picture of Rev. Stephen A. Sakyi on Friday evening, 26th February 2021,

He said Solomon was building altars for his wives. He said there were times where he had to buy things for his wives to worship these gods. He noted that these altars gradually made demands on his life, hence the following deductions:

  1. Altars make demands on your life
  2. they demand your attention
  3. they drag you away from God.

He urged us to serve God wholeheartedly and not allow any altar drag us away from God

See 1 Kings 11:1-8

Prayer points 

  1. Pray that any altar that’s holding you, your town/city, your region, Ghana, and Africa backward be broken. 
  2. Pray for your church members that they will be released from any trap caused by altars. 
  3. Pray that your life will not be controlled by an altar 
  4. Pray that every altar influencing our church members will catch fire
  5. Pray for marriages without children 
  6. Pray that you will serve God wholeheartedly 
  7. Pray for God’s protection for travelers 
  8. Ask God to protect you from Covid-19 
  9. Pray against miscarriage 
  10. Pray against every blood-sucking altar 
  11. Commit the upcoming induction service into God’s hands
  12. Commit your expectations for this year into God’s hands 
  13. Pray for our pastors and their families 
  14. Pray for all ministers in the country 
  15. Pray that this year many will come to Christ 
  16. Pray for the sick 
  17. Pray for all pastors going on retirement 
  18. Pray against occult altars 


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