Efia Odo explains why she can’t act adult movies

Efia Odo on Instagram
Image via Instagram

Many people may have missed out on Efia Odo‘s reply to comments under a video she posted on 25th January 2020 to Instagram. 

It was a short video from the Duvet show, a late-night television program on GhOne. 

[Watch below]


During her time on the show, she made some revelations about her sexual life that provoked a number of suggestions. 

One such suggestion came from an Instagram user who thinks the Ghanaian actress should venture into pornography. 

Her response, however, offers a correct analysis of porn and why acting it is a no for her. 

“Acting like I’m enjoying sex isn’t the same as actually enjoying sex. That’s why I can’t act porn”, she replied. 

The Ghanaian actress is outspoken in stating her thoughts on God, sex, and relationship. 


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