Father’s Day 2021: South Tongu MP call on Ghanaian fathers to embrace role of fatherhood

South Tongu MP
Hon. Kobena Mensah Woyome

On this special occasion of Father’s Day Celebration, I want to add my voice to the million voices to wish former President John Mahama a happy Father’s Day.

To the honourable speaker of Parliament, the first and second deputies, to all men in Parliament, and all Fathers in Ghana, I wish you all a happy Father’s Day. 

Father’s Day is celebrated in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Ghana, and several other countries globally on the third Sunday of June each year to look at the significant role (s) fathers’ play in the lives of children, women, and the world at large as well as honour men who have embraced the essential role of fatherhood.

Thus, as a Pillar in the development of children’s well-being; a symbol of security, that is, physically, emotionally, and financially; a role model; maintaining a healthy marriage; creating a safe and loving environment for the family; and an agent of growth in society.

A look at the history of this special day, tells of how Sonora Smart Dodd the daughter of a Civil War veteran thought of the need to celebrate her father William Jackson Smart from Spokane, Washington who raised his six children single-handedly after the death of his wife. 

It is in light of this great sacrifice of a single parent that has necessitated the need for the celebration of this all-important day, that I humbly call on Ghanaian fathers to rise and embrace the important role of this special call to fatherhood.

It is essential to understand that children are indeed gifts from God and as such, must be given the needed attention to become the best they could be for the benefit of families and society in general. 

When fathers begin to assume their responsibilities of ensuring that their children become responsible people to take up leadership positions in the future, we will begin to see a significant reduction in the number of street children.

According to the social welfare department, there are about 61,492 street children in Accra as of 2014 who engage in ‘menial jobs’ for their survival and are exposed to harsh conditions on the streets.

As fathers, we owe it a duty to go beyond all odds to see to the well-being and survival of children, so let us not fail them.  

I, therefore, congratulate all the fathers who have done the great service of taking good care of their children despite the economic hardship in the country; and to all men who do not have biological children but have and still contribute to the well-being of children. Keep up the good work. 

To all young men out there, I encourage you to live up to expectation as you embrace virtues on your journey to fatherhood and as future leaders.

Once again, I celebrate all Ghanaian fathers and all men, Ghana celebrate you; let us all rise to our divine assignment of fatherhood. And let all men play their parts right starting from homes; immediate environment; workplaces and places of worship for the benefit of our children and the society.  


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