Fortune begs ex-girlfriend in ‘Fa Kye Me’, his debut single

Fortune begs Ex-girlfriend in new song

Ghanaian instrumentalist Fortune has finally released his debut single ‘Fa Kye Me’, translated ‘Forgive Me’.

According to the artiste, the song is dedicated to his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him over an unfortunate incident detailed in the first verse of the song.

“The song is about my ex-girlfriend. Everything in the first verse is exactly what happened,” he told in a brief interview.

He added that he’s not necessarily asking for a comeback but he feels he owes the lady a lot. He recalled a moment they spent together during the interview.

“The smile on her face whenever I play the guitar or any instrument keeps me going”.

According to Fortune, this lady was her biggest fan. 

He also said that his colleague instrumentalist believed in his new career path.

“My colleague instrumentalist believed I got the personality and I can make waves”.



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