‘G,’ A Short Film By Award Winning Film Director Patrick Collins

Award-winning film director Patrick Collins is back with another short film titled G. After winning Best Western Movie of The Year at the Western Showbiz Awards, he continues to add value to his craft.

‘G’ began with an opening scene that would later be revealed as one which Henry and his friends trying to dispose of Natasha’s dead body and meeting a stranger in the process.

‘… It’s exactly what you think it is,’ the film director described the film with these words.

On the day Natasha wanted to visit Henry for her books, her female friend advised her not to go to his hostel for it, adding that she had a bad feeling about going there. But Natasha wouldn’t listen.

At Henry’s gate was a man who acted in a manner Natasha identified as weird. It could even be that she’s identified many more weirdos on her way to Henry’s, because at a point she asked, ‘why is everyone acting all weird today?’ The answer to that question is found in the words of her female friend: ‘I just have a bad feeling about this.’

Find out how Henry and the friends raped Natasha in the hostel and the drama that unfolds when they realized she died in the process. Watch here


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