How African artistes view the Grammys

How African artistes view the Grammys
Burna Boy

They will talk about it in their songs and wish for it in their interviews. To many Africans, the Grammys is everything. Meanwhile, a critical look at the award show proves otherwise. From its eligibility to its bias to female artists, the Grammys is far from being outstanding.

Despite it being one of the biggest award shows in America, it is flawed in many ways. However, credit should be given to some of their efforts to improve the award scheme. 

They seem dedicated to making their categories more competitive than general. Also, we need to commend the fact that the award show was the result of a desire to solve a particular problem. Not many award shows can boast of that. 

The Grammys has its own uniqueness, but it’s far from recognizing the unique talent of several artistes. Many Americans know this, but not here in Africa. 

Our constant snub of the Grammys, until recently, only means we haven’t worked harder or tougher enough. Meanwhile, that’s not the case. 

We’ve been taught to believe that a Grammy award is the highest form of achievement for any African. Therefore, our main goal is to get a hold of it when we can make our own award shows as important as the Grammys. 

African artistes would need to focus on building their continent so it can better recognize them for their achievements. Because the Grammys will never see them as we do. 

It is only Africans that can rewards themselves better. 


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