How Lydia Forson Is using The Viral Video Of A Legon Girl Beating her Cheating boyfriend to educate her fans

Image via Instagram

There’s a viral video of a lady ‘beating’ her cheating boyfriend on social media that’s causing mixed reactions from men and women alike.

Some are laughing at the incident while others are looking at how abusive it is. Before anyone can properly look at the issue, he or she needs to properly access it beforehand. Perhaps that’s why a fan wants Lydia Forson to look at the issue, by writing a novel. 

The Ghanaian actress is noted for her strong stand for the truth in an industry that cares little about it. 

She’s very concerned about the issue but using it to educate people on issues that relate to it.

She’s since been talking the high expectations of feminist, the reaction of men towards issues like this and what she calls toxic masculinity. 


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