How my interview with ‘Agbaga’ went

How my interview with ‘Agbaga’ went
This morning at Agbaga Waakye

I was at Agbaga this morning, as you can see per my posts on Soga Wedey, to buy some Waakye to kick start my day. 

While at it, I told madam Hawa Gariba (Agbaga) of my intentions to interview her for my blog. Her initial reaction to this was however awkward. It was as if I told her I had wanted to close down her business. To me, her initial reaction speaks volumes. 

Many businesses in Sogakope do not have an online presence and when you decide to help them out, they look at you in a certain way. (Lol. I don’t mean that). 

I think the time has come for the people of Sogakope to take advantage of the digital space, as many people are bound to trust it. Someone called me two days ago to help him get Waakye from one of the joints I listed in this post: top 5 Waakye joints in Sogakope. 

That’s just a few of the many calls and texts I receive because of a story I put out about the place. Now, back to Agbaga. I’m definitely going to get that interview, whether she likes it or not. Lol 


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