Hundreds join Rev. Stephen Sakyi to receive wife back from Seminary

Pastor Mrs. Esther Sakyi showing her citation to the congregation
Photo credit: Rex Krampa/

Members of Assemblies of God Ghana, Sogakope, celebrated their head pastor yesterday in an event they called ‘Welcome and Appreciation Service.’ 

The church board took a different approach to this year’s ceremony. They’ve decided to welcome Mrs. Esther Sakyi (now Pastor Mrs. Esther Sakyi), the head pastor’s wife, after graduating 2nd November 2019 from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, something she wasn’t really expecting.

Pastor Mrs. Esther Sakyi was welcomed back in a grand style. Her joy was lifted up during her daughter’s speech and a presentation by her husband, who’s the head pastor of the church. ‘You are a template for pastor’s wives; an asset to the body of Christ,’ head pastor Rev. Stephen Sakyi read to his lovely wife.

Rev. Stephen Sakyi presenting a citation to his wife

10th November 2019, will definitely be remembered by the hundreds of people who witnessed this event from start to finish. 

Guest Speaker, Rev. Norbert Fisher, passed a few positive comments on the high level of appreciation the entire church showed the head pastor’s wife before moving on to the day’s sermon. He led the congregation to practice the act of appreciating the man of God.

Every department in the church did exactly what the guest speaker asked of them and even more. Time was given to the head pastor and his wife to speak on how they felt about the event before bringing it to a close. They thanked everyone for their love and support and asked God’s blessings upon each person.

Below are some colorful scenes from the event

During a song ministration by the church choir
Rev. Norbert Fisher and the wife sitting as Rev. Stephen Sakyi stands up to speak
Pastor Mrs. Esther Sakyi showing her citation to the congregation


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