I love working with Camidoh – Cina Soul

Camidoh and Cina Soul
Camidoh and Cina Soul, image via Instagram
  • Cina Soul was on Kwadwo Sheldon’s Youtube channel to break down her new song with Camidoh.
  • In the interview, she shared how they made the song and what she thinks about Camidoh.
  • According to her, she loves working with Camidoh.
  • She said she has 3-5 songs with the ‘Surgacane’ hitmaker.

Cina Soul revealed recently in an interview with Kwadwo Sheldon that she loves working with Camidoh. According to her, Camidoh makes her work easy.

She added that Camidoh is very creative and fast, that is how come they’ve been able to record so many songs together, she said.

Cina Soul told Kwadwo Sheldon that the number of songs she has with the ‘sugarcane’ hitmaker could make up a joint record. However, she did not specify when this will actually come to pass. The only thing she specified is work on an upcoming album slated for next year.

Cina Soul also talked about her relationship with her baby daddy KiDi – whose name she mentioned in her new song ‘Waiting’, how she trains her voice and more on Kwadwo Sheldon’s breakdown channel

Watch video below:


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