It is not my duty to construct roads – South Tongu MP tells constituents

Hon. Kobena Mensah Woyome
South Tongu MP

Member of Parliament for South Tongu, Hon. Kobena Mensah Woyome has again reminded the people of South Tongu that it is not his duty to construct roads in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region. 

He was addressing the road conditions in the area at a town hall meeting which he began on Monday, 12th April 2021.

Although he feels the sitting government wouldn’t listen to him, he said he will continue lobbying for these roads. 

The state of some of these roads has neither seen improvement under National Democratic Congress (NDC)

At the launch of the 2020 South Tongu NDC campaign, the MP denied the fact that the last NDC government has had the opportunity to construct the Agave road when they were in power. 

He said the Agave road would have been completed had they retained power. 

Meanwhile, in his 2020 campaign promise, he mentioned that he will lobby for the construction of at least 8 roads in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region. 

Now that they are still in opposition, how will these roads be constructed?  

He says he will continue to play his part.


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