Ketia’s 2019 in a wrap: all the small details you missed about the rising dancehall artiste

Ketia Nelly
A picture of Ketia via Facebook

Ketia’s last song on our old blog was in February last year and since then he has released two other songs, including a feature with highlife artiste Selsy.

He played me one of his unreleased songs, before deciding to release it in June last year. 

Ketia dedicated his time to promoting ‘Guy Guy,’ the song he released on our old blog. That year, he was nominated for artiste of the moment and Soga Wedey most promising artiste.

He then had an issue with his crew boss, whose name is Bless (Gaza). After this, his regular use of social media, particularly Facebook, declined. 

Whatever he was using his time for was unknown to the public, but it’s quite obvious he was putting things in place, either with the crew or his musical career.

The dancehall artiste returned to regular social media use late last year, and has since been showing support for up and coming artistes. 

Even though he didn’t release more than three songs last year, he has performed at many events. Those performances kept him active as an artiste and rubbished any rumor that he can’t make it on his own.

Ketia remains outspoken in his thoughts, especially on Facebook, but as to whether he will release any song this year is yet to be known. 



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