King Snaq talks about life on social media

King Snaq at Radio Tongu
A picture of King Snaq

Two days before the beginning of 2020, King Snaq was already preparing for the release of a new song titled ‘Social Media’. 

On the 30th of December last year, he announced his plan for the song via Facebook, posting a reminder the next day. 

The rising Afrobeats artist made the song available on the 1st of January this year and has since been promoting it on every platform he finds himself. The last I saw was at Radio Tongu, which he posted on Instagram.

The song talks about the deceptive lives of people on social media. 

King Snaq, who is always conscious about his surroundings, continues to make music that touches everything he has seen and felt. 

If you haven’t yet heard the song, click on the link below


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