Lydia Forson wants you to know she can do ‘everything’ you said she couldn’t do

Lydia forson posing on the runway

People’s words shouldn’t limit you in any way. You can go beyond the limits they set before you. Once you do that, you expose them to their own limitations. Lydia Forson may have done this perfectly. 

The Ghanaian actress just shared a photo of herself on the runway for Ejiro Amos Tafiri, a popular fashion designer in Nigeria. This may well be a big blow to those who didn’t think Lydia Forson couldn’t do such a thing. She even wants people to know she’s doing the very thing they said she couldn’t. 

According to WikiHow, Lydia Forson qualifies to be on the runway despite what people may say. The actress believes she can go beyond the limits people set for her.  



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