Lying Shatta Wale said he recorded “Little Tip” the same day Sarkodie released “Advice”

Shatta Wale just lied to Hitz 103.9 Fm this morning about the background of his song “Little Tip”, a reply to Sarkodie’s Advice song.

The dancehall artist told the radio station that he recorded the reply for Sarkodie’s “Advice” the same day, meanwhile the content of his reply proves otherwise.

In “Little Tip”, Shatta Wale talked about a rumored feature with Kanye West and a Mercedes Benz S550 he bought in December 2019.

Both things happened long after the release of “Advice” in October 2018.

Even his Beyoncé feature was in 2019, how could he possibly say he recorded “Little Tip” in 2018?

What Shatta Wale said on the Day Break Hitz Show may have been the results of comments from Twitter saying he took close to 2 years to reply to Sarkodie.

His lies can’t skip this fact. 


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