Medikal has taken his love for Criss Waddle to another level. 

In a new picture on Wednesday, 17th March 2021, he wore a necklace engraved with Criss Waddle’s face. 

This shows how much he continues to appreciate the rapper for what he’s done for him. 

Just last month, on Criss Waddle’s birthday, he wrote on Instagram that he has kept his word to him. 

“In about 10 years ago, I met this man, Criss Kweku Waddle. He did say he was gonna put me on and he did put me on. Today happens to be his birthday and all I want to say is thank you and may the good Lord continue to bless you.” 

Medikal, Image via Instagram

Although Medikal has not quoted any figure for the necklace he said he has spent a lot on it. 

“Had to drop some bag on this one!”, he wrote on his Instagram story. 


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