Meet Ace Rollie, the Sogakope Travis Scott

Think of a more decorated rapper in Sogakope and think of Ace Rollie.

The sensational Ghanaian rapper has evolved over the years with his music now on all digital platforms.

He moved from one record label to finally find one that understands him a lot, he says. I could say, Ace Rollie is the Sogakope Travis Scott.

He mentioned in a particular interview with Soga WeDey that he loved the American rapper, Travis Scott. Perhaps that’s why his musical style shares a lot of similarities with the rapper.

Ace Rollie started seeing music differently when he joined MYNT wave. He sees a lot of opportunities to make money from his music. One thing that’s critical about the rapper is that he makes music to appeal to a hip hop fan base.

This is quite difficult to find in Sogakope, but it doesn’t bother him at all. He understands the situation at Sogakope but has since not changed his style. Songs like Victim, Sideways, and Congratulation are all of the hip hop genres.

His music is pretty much about his life. He is such an interesting person both on social media and in real life.  


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