Meet the internet’s new sensation Ay Poyoo

Ay poyoo
Ay poyoo

Up and coming Ghanaian rapper AY Poyoo is taking the internet by surprise with his rap skills.

According to Ay, he is the face of GH (Ghana) rap. Whatever that means is up to him to define.

He was on Rhythmz Live this afternoon, Tuesday, 12th May 2020, for a freestyle session that got the DJs laughing.

The internet sensation also released a Mother’s Day freestyle that got many laughing. Watch here:

Ay’s latest song ‘Campaign Promise‘ has over 3,000 views on YouTube in 24 hours.

When you start listening to him, you’ll get familiar with words like ‘wash out’, and ‘Poyoorians’.

His new song’GOAT’ is already making waves


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