Model in Lord Paper’s ‘Awurama’ music video celebrates birthday

Lord Paper Awurama music video
Lord Paper and Nana Yaa in ‘Awurama’ music video

Model in Lord Paper’s erotic music video, Nana Yaa is celebrating her birthday today, 31st March. 

She and her friends checked in at the Peace Holiday Resort in Ada on Tuesday, 30th March 2021 to enjoy themselves.

Nana Yaa became popular after starring in Lord Paper’s Awurama music video some 4 years ago. 

Although she’s no longer a trendy topic, many remember her for her role in the ‘Awurama’ music video, a video which was taken down from YouTube. 

Today, another year has been added to her age. 

Her friends tease her as they celebrate her on Snapchat.



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