Night with Wo$$: Namba Line shares same stage with Mawuli Younggod after social media exchange

namba lin
namba line

Two months after going at each other on social media, Mawuli Younggod and Namba Line will share the same stage this evening at River View Guest House in Adidome for a concert dubbed “Night with Wo$$”.

This would be the first time the two meet after their social media exchange in August 2021.

It all started when Mawuli Younggod claimed to be the richest artiste from the Volta Region, to which Namba Line replied.

Today at River View Guest House, Namba Line would have to prove himself, because, in his response to Mawuli’s claims, he said he is ‘the richest based on style, money and talent.’

Tonight presents him with an opportunity to show any of this to us, especially his talent and style.

“Night with Wo$$” starts at 7 pm, today, Sunday, October 31, 2021, at River View Guest House, Adidome.

The concert features 9 other artistes from the Volta Region.

Check out their names on the flyer below


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