Pope Skinny shares secrets about Shatta Wale

Pope Skinny and Shatta Wale
Pope Skinny and Shatta Wale

Pope Skinny on Monday, 5th June 2020 revealed many secrets about his friend Shatta Wale, his family, his militants, the Shatta Movement, and how the dancehall artiste acquired certain deals and properties in his career.

According to the Ghanaian rapper, the revelation was the result of Shatta calling him out on Live TV.

Pope Skinny took to Facebook to reveal many secrets about Shatta Wale while holding back a few more for another day.

Watch the video here. Skip to the video to the 41st minute to listen to him. 

Publicado por Pope skinny lyricist em Quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2020


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