President explains the increased number of cases in the last 3 weeks

President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo in his 7th address to the nation explained why the coronavirus cases in the country had increased in the last three weeks.

According to him, it is because of their aggressive decision to trace and test contacts of infected persons.

“The main reason our country has seen an increase in the number of confirmed cases over the last 3 weeks is because of the decision we took aggressively to trace and test contacts of infected persons.”

“This has enabled us to identified and isolate infected persons, protect the population from further infections and contain better the spread of the virus,” the president said.

As of today, 19th April 2020, the total number of people tested for the novel coronavirus is 68,591. Out of this number 67,549 (98.5%) have tested negative, 1,042 (1.5%) have tested positive, 99 (9.5%) have recovered and 9 (0.9%) have died.


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