Prophet Paschal Aboagye shares vision about Rihanna and Kanye West

Founder of Glorious Ark Prayer Movement Prophet Paschal Aboagye Wilson has on Tuesday, 22nd April 2020, revealed a vision he had about pop star Rihanna and Rapper Kanye West.

According to him, he was conversing with a man of God when he received this vision.

Here’s what he had to say:

The word of the Lord came to me while conversing with a man of God and I was lifted in the Spirit into a place.

My eyes were opened and I saw in the realms of the Spirit a room, I entered the room and I saw a female musician popularly known as RIHANNA.

Then the Lord spoke to me and said “watch clearly” and as I watched clearly I saw another room … I entered the second room and I saw RIHANNA again in the room I entered.

Suddenly my eyes were opened again and I saw a very big SERPENT trying to come out of her (RIHANNA), It was almost out of her…As the SERPENT struggled to come out of her(RIHANNA), It caught the attention of an Angel of the Lord.

Then the Angel of the Lord got involved in the Struggle and was trying to cause Her to let go of the SERPENT because the Lord himself has dealt with, as the Lord is working on her gradually.

The Lord spoke to me and said it’s up to her(RIHANNA) to let go of the seed of the SERPENT… it’s a personal decision(a decision to surrender to the Lordship of Christ) she has to make to finally be delivered!

As I kept watching, the Lord took my Spirit again to a place and I saw KANYE WEST praying and fasting for the conversion of RIHANNA!…

I saw again as the Lord showed me a list of names before KANYE WEST whiles he prayed and I saw 7 names of people he’s interceding for the Lord to specifically touch and convert and I saw RIHANNA as the number one!

The Lord said we should also fast and pray for RIHANNA because there’s a contention between God and the enemy for her soul and the decision dwells in the hands of RIHANNA herself

I saw RIHANNA making an impact as an EVANGELIST of the Gospel… Just as the enemy wants to use her more and more, God also wants to use her mightily to impact and transform lives.

Let’s pray for her to make the right decision and fulfil their purpose because the enemy wants to take her life but the Lord wants to use her and once she finally accepts to stand for her maker, She will turn many in her cycle also to God.


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